Miracle Touch Automotive Reconditioning

Premier touch up and scratch repair Serving San Diego and Las Vegas

Industry Secret Revealed !!!

Miracle Touch Automotive Reconditioning is bringing you an auto industry beautification secret never before available to the general public.  


For year people have been told that road chips and scratches on their car would require a paint job to make them look better. What you were not told is that there is an alternative. Miracle Touch has thirteen years of experience in the industry and offers services that can not be found anywhere else.  We are able to repair road chips and scratches with a result being that they will be reduced by 75% TO 95%


That's correct Road chips, Road rash and Scratches even Key scratches reduced by 75% to 95%


Road rash or road chips, chips in your paint caused by small road debris (Sand,dirt, pebbles), will often number in the thousands across the front of your vehicle. All those little chips on your hood, bumper or other parts of your vehicle give your car an "Aged" look. Our proprietary process will reduce the visibility of those nasty chips by  up to 95%, while at the same time restoring the shine and depth of color to your car, getting rid of that "Aged" look.

 Has some one keyed your car? Traditional scratch repair methods will require harsh abrasives and sandpaper, possibly further damaging your paint job. Or worse, you are told that your entire vehicle needs to be completely re-painted!  Not to  worry! Through our own proven method we are able to dramatically reduce blemishes, while restoring the shine and luster of our vehicles finish.